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Sykes Pickavant 270 Brake Pipe Flaring Tool £60, Now Sold

Kevin Abbott

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As below, this is a fantastic tool to have in the garage. I have a Master kit of these so this starter kit is for sale

Post is £10 to UK mainland, paypal or cheque payment

Collection from home ( Bacup, OL13 8BT ) or the NW pub meet if required

copy and paste from ebay on the same item for sale at £125.99

The box is different on mine and may not be the original but the instructions fit the box really well so who knows?


*Sykes Pickavant "270" Series Brake Pipe Flaring Tool Kit

*Sykes Pickavant Part no:02700100

*This is the Entry Level Kit with 2 sets of dies included

*3/16" and 4.75mm

*The "270" Series Brake Pipe Tools mean Speed,Accuracy and Reliability

*Metric and Imperial Pipe Sizes - 3/16" and 4.75mm

*The "270" Series Produces both convex & double lap flares to SAE & DIN Standards

*Unique "Dial-a-Size" Turret design

*Lever cam operation for quick flaring

*Automatic punch extraction from flare

*Screw clamp for accurate die alignment

*Sykes Pickavant have always been the market leader with brake tools

*Top Quality Product with Speed,Accuracy and Reliability and Great Value





I have just tested it and it produced the flares shown in the above picture

The small piece of metal at the side of the flaring tool is so set the depth of the brake pipe when it's in the flare block.

As it is a good quality tool all spare parts are available and you can build this into a master set by adding parts to it easily available from ebay



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If anyone else wants one of these kits I have one complete in it;s original case, hardly been used, well I did use it to make two sets of Manta brake pipes, it hasn't got that flat plate with it that Kevin is showing with his one, I can't recall ever seeing it, and never seen the need of it either. Same price £60.00 plus a tenner postage, Paypal or cheque. I hope I am not doing wrong by comming in on your post Kevin, if so please let me know and I'll get it deleted.

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Hi. The flat plate wasn't part of the kit, it's just a small piece of stainless I use to set the end of the pipe flush with the die. :-)

They are really well made old SP stuff.

Thanks for that mate, I was thinking it was some extra you had bought! Yes, they are brilliant tools, Churchill was another firm that made excellent garage equipment,and I don't know if you 've heard of BUMA, they made the best cylinder boring bar I ever used, I had it for many years, and sold it about ten years ago for four times what I paid for it back in the 60s. all expensive, but worth it. Cheers now.


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I have made a big mistake with the description and postage for this flaring tool, and apologise for it. This kit is Sykes Pickavant, but a more expensive kit than what I thought it was, I usd to have two of these, one was the same as I had listed, but I've only just realised that I gave that one to my son a few years back. This kit has more components, it has five dies/formers, as opposed to the other kit that was sold on this forum, that contained two dies, there are 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8 and 4.75mm, it also weighs more, 6.5 Kilos to be exact, so the postage will be roughly £18.00. As I made the error I cannot alter the price, but I have to alter the postage. This is a kit that retails over £200.00 so it is a bargain. It was as good as sold yesterday, so that member will have the first shout. Sorrry to have made a cockup! April1962071.jpg


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