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Water Leak On Gt/e


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Can any one help please. I have a water leak and it looks like its from join between the thermostat housing and block.

Is there an eay way of removing the housing and replacing the gasket or do I really need to remove what looks like the injection system just ot gain access?

Also, does anyone know if you can still obtain proper gaskets or do I need to fashion one myself?

Any help gratefully received.


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Last one i did i removed the manifolds, which isn't really a big job

The rear bolt on the thermostat is a pain to get at tucked away under everything, if you don't have the perfect socket and wobble extension its virtually impossible to undo with the manifolds fitted

With the inlet manifold off it gives much better access, and you can clean the surface of the head so it will seal well when refitting.

Also the alloy thermostat housing is often pitted on the mounting face, so i tape some wet and dry paper to a flat surface, add some lube (wd40 etc) and slowly flat down the face

When i last checked at the local Vaux dealership they said the gasket was no longer available, but they aren't the best parts dept i've dealt with.

I just resealed it with gasket goo but you can also buy gasket paper sheets and make you own.

Another tip when refitting i swapped out the bolts for allen head bolts, which means if it ever needs to come off again it won't need the manifold removing.

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It can be removed as above with right tools or diy fashioned as mi sel to get housing off, and when off I took a small dremal to shave off a tad from injection mount moulding as to make bolt removal next time easier. Gaskets just buy some gasket paper and make your own.

Warning you still have to stand on your head to get off but it is possible.

The offending bolt and if you notice in piccy small sec inj mount removed lets this bolt be undone. The front bolt I use a thin /ground down ring spanner.


Hope of some gid, rab.

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