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Finally A Manta Owner


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Hi im Jay from East sussex and finally a manta owner, always loved these cars from a early age but never had the pleasure of owning one.

Anyway, its a gte exclusive and i belive its known to this forum so some of you might no more about the history than me, as far as i can tell its had a bit of a restoration done in 06, with inner outter sills, rear wheel arches, inner wings and strut tops and some work in the boot.

Thanks to admin for sorting my acount, its good to be here.



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Hi thats My friends old car (Paul) known on here as DillV8, i knew he had sold it but didnt no who to or where abouts in the world it had gone???

It is a smart looking manta it made the trip to billing last year, That is the show to go to it is on the 14th and 15th of July at billing aquadrome at Nothampton.

Well Done with your purches, i did fancy it my self but same as every 1 got no money, Happy Mant-ering :thumbup

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Cheers mate, fella i brought it from was from sevenoaks in kent, he brought it from yorkshire but couldnt afford to insure it, was supposed to get my mk2 cavalier re-sprayed but soon as i see this that went straight out the window :)

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