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Hello From Abredeenshire

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Hello everyone

I have been looking at the manta A for a while now. Love the looks!

I have had a couple of projects to date both minis a 78 clubby gt and iam currently working on a 1.6 vauxhall engine transplant.

But there a manta a local thats on need of repair. Wings sills etc

Question is how easy is it to get hold of pannels? And where from? Cant find much on net.

Thanks for any help in advance

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Hi Stephen welcome

The car in question is my 2.0sr. you can view it any evening or weekend, just give me a call. car is parked near portlethen.

Second hand wings are available but new one's are expensive.You can use manta gte wings but they dont come with the chrome trim and they have indicator's fitted.

I have good spare set but not willing to sell them as they are set aside for my sportshatch


Sill's are available on ebay


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I've just seen the add on gumtree for the A series in Inverurie, pity there's nae photos.

Stephen - Let us know what it's like if you go for a look at it, I'm not looking for one but just curious about it. I'm in Iceland just now so can't go and see it :D (Plus the wife would kill me if I turned up with another classic)

I would say that Andy's B series hatch would make an excellent alternative if the A series is too far gone to save, it's local and if I didn't already have a Manta I'd be snapping it up.

Anyway, good luck with your hunt, there's quite a few owners up our neck of the woods, would be great to have another one :)

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Andys b series looks very nice indeed but i have my heart set on an A series. And ive gota find some more storage for the mini if i am guna keep it. Mini It needs plenty of welding before i put the vauxhall engine in. I get the feeling that the a seires my need a bit too mutch work as i allready have a project needing compleeted but i would still like to see it in the flesh. I am sure i can find somwhere to keep it...... Hidden from the misses lol

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ahh the min!

here goes.

firstly my1978 1275 GT which I sadly sold to help pay for my wedding.




now there 16valver which is still in its early stages...not mutch to show


but have the engine......which i am in the proces of stripping. going to use a f13 box from a deisel corsa with a non poted type fly wheel, should give me more torque and better racios.


safety first the young helper is my son and has lernt quickly the art of garage banter


ordering pannels star of next month and need the welder serviced then i should have the shell done fairly soon time permiting.

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Yeh no problems mate give me a bell and ill help you where i can. Minis are a cracking classic motor. Relitivly cheep to do up. And parts are redaly available. Scottisini. Net has a good forum with a good comunity. Which always helps when things get tricky.

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