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Opel/vauxhall Part Numbers


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In my quest to find parts for the A series i have spent a fair bit of time on Google :-) looking for stuff and recently found a coupe of sites that might help others out so i thought i best post them incase it helps! Im sure there must be some stats about how many days in a year you loose by looking on google for parts :-)

This one gives you a breakdown of the verious sections for both Opel and Vauxhall with the proper part numbers:


Found it very useful for tracing down those part numbers for odd bits like gaskets and bolts and engine stuff for the CIH as the frontera A is almost the same.

These Guys can cross ref some of the part numbers and find parts made by other manufactures which has been useful to get some hard to find bits.


and these guys have quite a list of parts that they have or can get at a good price.

http://www.vauxhall-...xhall Parts.pdf and http://www.vauxhall-car-parts.co.uk

anyway i hope this might help others to spend more time working on the cars as opposed to searching through google!

any comments on other places to get stuff would be good too.


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