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Alternator Pivot Bracket


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Hi there,

I've had very little luck in even seeing what an image of what the pivot bracket looks like from the two work shop manuals I have.

Yet, I assume that the alternator bottom pivot bracket (that the bottom of the alternator would slot between and aluminium looking with bolts to the block with two bolts) allows the alternator to be clamped at both ends at the base with the adjustable slider at the top. Seems sensible.. yet it looks as if one arm has sheared off from the bracket... I was pretty sure I heard something falling off on the motorway and around the the point I had slippage on the fan belt!!

It's very curious that that front part of the bracket sheared off the engine mounted bracket initially and then at some point then slipped off the rubbery flaired gasket type thing that the long pivot bolt goes through.

Actually I guess it's not when you put it into words :)

Anyway, I've mackled a solution for the short term but to anybody with one to sell, please respond to this post and solve whether the bracket does indeed have two arms.


Alex Wall,


07814 262 696

Oh yes.. and It's for an 1980 Manta B, 2L GT/J

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Hi Alex

If you mean part 36 from the above (which bolts to the block on the back and the timing cover on the front bolt and holds the alternator in place) i have one that i have spare if you need it, or if its part 40 (Which keeps the tension on the fan belt at the top) i should have one about somewhere. I think they are all them some on the A series and the B series.

I can take some pictures on tuesday if needed.


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