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Lsd For A Manta A


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As anybody fitted a Limited-slip differential to a manta A?

I would like to know how its done.

Also I read on the internet that 'the axle casing may affect the offset of the back wheels'- any other problems?

any help would be great.

Cheez Jack

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Upk is basically right in that it is an easy swop but you do need to get it shimmed correctly, and these shims are getting rare as are people who know how to fit them, however it may seem obvious but the limited slip must be either for that axle or a specialist one for the axle, nothing else fits. ( unless anyone knows differently).

The LSD fitted to an A casing has no bearing on the axle width or wheel offset.

Hope this helps.


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if you decide to buy one of Quaife's new ATB diffs, they will only fit with the smaller engined Manta's 3.67 crownwheel and pinion and need machining to fit the larger engined and Automatic cars 3.44 crown wheel. My mate Rob found this when he fitted one to his Manta A. ....luke.

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