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July's Sheffield Area Meet Will Be On Thursday 5Th


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Hello all,

We'll be meeting up again on Thursday evening at the Toby Carvery, right at the top end of Dronfield on the outskirts of Sheffield. we are normally there from around 8pm onwards.

Rob won't be there this time as he'll be on his way to Le Mans for the Classic racing this weekend. He's going in his recently finished Blue Manta A and has been driving all over the place, trying to find and fix any niggles before this trip to france. Good luck with your trip Rob and have a good weekend.

I've been trying to get the Ascona smartened up a little for Billing and have also managed to squeeze in some time working on the Manta this last month. It won't take much more to get it running now.

Mick's Manta's looking really good now, after its transformation, and it's booked in at a local rolling road for tuning now he's fitted Weber DCOE's

There's been quite a few good car shows in our area last month and I bumped into new member Darren at Renishaw. He had his daily driver modified Imp on display. I fell in love with a Brown 2 door 1976 Mk4 Cortina that was also at Renishaw. it was a really basic 1300L and apart from some Sierra wheel trims, was bog standard. The bloke had owned it from new and it had never been restored. I was talking to him for about half an hour! I couldn't decide what I'd do with it if it was mine as it looked ripe for a nice set of rims ( Something like Schmidt TH lines or Compomotive TH2's), low profile tyres and some serious lowering. I'd leave the standard bodywork and interior and smoke around with the 1300 Kent engine until a 24 Valve Cosworth motor came along.

Anyway, enough about Cortinas, see you at Dronfield maybe? ....Luke.

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