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John Sneddon Contact Details?

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Hi...turns out my Manta A (LAR353L) used to belong to a John Sneddon, who I believe ran Brook Road

Coachworks. I need to get some paintwork done on the car, but we're struggling to match what's on the

car. One of the previous owners thinks it may have been a Porsche colour, but that's still a bit vague...

I would love to get in contact with John, regarding the paintwork, and also the rest of the cars history.

Does anyone know him, or have contact details for him?



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Fin, John did indeed own/run Brook Road Coachworks, he repainted the side of my Manta where it had been the subject of slapdash accident repair works sometime in its early life.

The coachworks ceased trading some time ago, the last time i saw John was at Billing i think three years ago, he was there with his white A Series with a GTE engine and five speed box conversion.

He had a job re-finnishing Mercedes, which i'm presuming was for a Mercedes Dealer, i'm guessing somewhere in the Lee Vally area north east of London, thats where he had his bussiness.

Perhaps this hasn't been alot of help but it might just jog someone elses memory.

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Thanks for the info...that would all tie up alright...the guy who brought the car over to Ireland said he bought it from a guy in North London. I have the old English V5, with Johns address on it, and looking on Google maps, that address would be quite close to Lee valley. If I'm stuck I'll send a letter in the post to the address on the V5, although he originally bought the car in 1991, so the address may be out of date by now, he may not even live there any more! Looking for his name and the postcode on the V5 on the BT website, nothing comes up, but I suppose he could be ex-directory...

Am hoping someone on here might have an up-to-date address or phone number...

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