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1979 Cavalier Sports Hatch


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Sold my Mk2 Cav and took a Mk1 SH in PX. I wasnt looking for one but it was cheap enough to take a chance and it paid off!

Its the rarer 1600 GLS and other than a slightly worn interior and the random paintwork its ok. It only needs a small patch where the battery tray joints the inner wing, other than that I cant see anything needing welding.

Few issues, wipers twitch and then get to the point they will do one sweep...even when switched off :blink:

Boot struts are weak, and the drivers seat base has split. It should be Sapphire Blue not the blue it is now.

I had a look over it today, it needs brake pads which I have, exhaust is blowing, again I have one, rear fogs dont work...other than that its a good un!

:D :D :D







Couple of pics with its stablemate, Manta B Berlinetta




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Wow!! Didnt expect anyone to remember it from the past let alone have photos!! B) I suspected it had badges on the front in the past, the holes have been welded up.....along with the Vauxhall badge holes

It doesnt look much different now 17 years later :blink: :blink:

Sorted the wipers tonight, inside the relay was corroded and causing tracks to touch and the contact to chatter. Fitted a Stereo, just one I had laying about.

Rear fogs didnt work so went to check them and one did....went in the garage to get a screwdriver and both were on when I came out...spooky :wacko: :wacko:

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Looks like I better get the spray Gun off the top shelf and dusted down and the compressor fired up!

Looks like you should :D You do the paint on this, I will do the spannering on your GTE Cav... deal done ;)

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Its staying for now, I got a good offer to sell it but so far no money has turned up so I will carry on with it.

Stripped, cleaned and adjusted the rear brakes tonight, needs front pads and I have a set....somewhere!! I gave up searching the garage after half an hour :(

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Well its still here getting a few jobs done but has sold, all paid for by my eldest step daughters boyfriend. He has had a bike since he was old enough to ride it but fancied a 'different' car not a normal Corsa or Clio. He saw this and wanted it so as I dont need it I sold it.

Changed the pads to find the usual seized slider on the drivers side so need to change them. He is keeping it standard not going to mess with it B)

His mum wasnt happy, 'Its old and wont have any safety features' His answer was 'I was riding a bike before, this is far safer' :lol:

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Well 6 months on stepdaughters Boyfriend still has this cav and loves it, even turning an offer down to buy it for more than he paid. He is only 20 but doesnt like new cars B)

Its a daily driver so is a bit filthy after the recent weather but he did have fun with empty snow covered car parks ;) He is saving for a respray but enjoying it for now as it is.

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Hi Mick. Was pretty cool to accidentally stumble across this thread, I've just recently bought this car! I'm using it daily at the moment, but haven't had the chance to look through it properly yet, glad to hear it was in good Nick as soon as 2012, can't have deteriorated that much as it still has mot. I'm guessing you've had many a sportshatch have you? 

Thanks, David.

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