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Opel Manta And Variants Stand At Thorseby Park 27Th Aug 2012


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Im going to book a stand at the above event, Im going to get 10 places at £3.50 per car, this allows 2 adults and 2 children in with the car, more can come but will have to pay more on the day, Please let me know who wants to come and ill get the tickets to you if you pm me your address, pay me back on the day, Mick.

1. Mick ( casper1484 ) Manta B Coupe.

2.Ben ( scribe of Lincoln ) Manta B Coupe.

3.Bob ( Redrob666 ) Manta B Berlinetta.

4.Paul ( 85_GTE ) what ever he's driving at the time.

5.Ian ( yorkshirelad ) ex 76 B owner but coming in mates Mk1 Escort,

6.Luke ( 399road ) slammed Ascona 16 v

7.Mick ( manta88 ) Exclusive Coupe 16 v

8.Rob ( BHP ) Manta A 16v

9.Darren, Modified starlet 16 v Zetec

10.Paul, ( Dillv8 ) Vauxhall Morano I think.....

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Put me down for this one please,

Bob, Redrob666, in the Manta B Berlinetta.

I am gonna try to find accommodation for the Sunday night and go to this Newark Autojumble you mentioned too.

I will pm my address at the weekend if that's okay.

Hotels/Centre Parcs (I think ) just a few miles up the road.

If you have never been to 'Normas Newark' then you don't know what you are missing !! Got to pay to get in, but well worth it.............you end up buying things you didn't even know you wanted ! :rolleyes:

Hopefully I'll now be down that way, but don't have a Manta as I'm back to my original love. a Lancia Delta. :)

So everyone who turns up (weather dependant) will thoughrouly enjoy it.


The World doesn't revolve around Biling/Silverstone/Santa Pod................ there are MUCH better events OOOP NORTH ( if anyone south of Watford Gap knows there is still a big lump of land above them ! :ph34r:

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Thinking of doing the Premier Inn room deals cos its cheap:-)

I know what you mean about southerners not coming up north. They miss out on a lot.

Guess there reasoning is like me not going south very often, it costs a lot to get there !!!!

I think I spent £100 on fuel alone to get to Billing to be turned away. Like everyone I was gutted and drove straight home again. Point is a lot of people seem to want compensation from Billing for the site fees they had paid. They must all live close to Billing because the accommodation costs would have been relatively small. No one is gonna compensate me for my fuel, coffees and food on that 550 mile in 24 hours trip. Loose out, get over it and move on to your next event.

I have never been to Billing and was really up for it, I can't go next year because of a prior commitment ( unless they change the dates ) so it will be two years till I get another chance.

Maybe we need a Northern Billing to draw the southerners up here and give us a real big event.

Anyone fancy giving it a go?

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Plenty up this end, although they are all southern as far as you are concerned !

My favorites are the Tatton Park ones ( just south and west of Manchester), always a good well packed event with different makes of car and not just Vaux/Opel based. Look it up, sure there is one due in August.

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I have actually applied to show at the August Tatton Park show, Been visiting it for years as a Triumph owner and a VW fan. I even sold stuff there as an Autojumbler many years ago.

Not heard back if I got a place yet though. Hope I have, I applied ages ago and think it was if I wasn't in my envelope would be returned. It hasn't come back empty yet so fingers crossed. I want to go for the full weekend and stay in my VW if they let me :-)

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As you can see all the tickets have been allocated but more can still come but will have to pay a couple of quid more,,, I've applied for the tickets and as soon as I get them I'll post them off, if any body on the list has got a Gazebo or owt that will assist in the day to make it more comfortable let me know, might even fetch a BBQ if there's enough interest ......

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Looks like a good mix of A's, B's, C's and CC's both modified and standard. I'll see if Nick ( NICKGM ) wants to come over in his Yellow A too. His mate's also got a really tidy Opel GT, so I'll get Nick to invite him along. .......Luke.

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Somebody has mentioned about liability issues and wether people and cars are covered etc, let me state that this isn't an OMOC event, but I've used the OMOC website as a media to advertise this event, in no way is the OMOC connected in any way only that I've given preference to members, cars will be at the show entirely at the owners risk and no liability will be placed upon myself or the OMOC for any loss or damage to vehicles, sorry for the tone of this but in this health and safety mad world ( where there's blame there's a claim ) I've got to be sure,

As stated all the ten tickets have gone but I've spoken to the event organisers and they say if you turn up they will direct you to the area where we will be, and you won't need you wellies cos it's going to be red hot and judging by the interest there's going to be lots of mantas and their variants :-D

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