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Audio Setup In Manta B, What Head Unit Will Fit?


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i just made a quick audio setup (just to check if old Blaupunkt head unit works) in my Manta using

random +12V (from clock probably) and some 4Ohm Speakers from old home hi-fi ;)

And the first problem appeared, radio slot in Manta is only 15cm deep

and all car radios i have around are 15cm deep+ iso plug at the back = around 18-19cm.

What head units are you using in your Mantas?

i'm using now some basic Pioneer with usb and aux and sound quality is affordable for it's price (60 pounds few years ago in Argos ;) but with back connectors it stays like 5-6cm out of radio slot in Manta :/

I cannot find any smaller head units (except from chinese noname crap).

I need a radio with usb/sd and aux as i don't listen FM or CDs anyway, and it should be cheap

of course :P

Since i need actually an amplifier with AUX :P is there any amplifiers that fits radio slot?

Can you tell me any head units models that fit Manta radio slot?

As for speakers I would like to build simple front scene - 2 medium drivers in doors and 2 tweeters on front front pillars + some amplifier+bass speaker on trunk. Simple setup for daily driver, not for car audio contests.

Can anyone provide some photos of front speakers/tweeters in your Mantas? Just to give me ideas...

Additional question if i will not find any good head unit.

Signal from pocket mp3 players (3.5 minijack) is amplified, so can i connect it to hi-input in amplifier without destroying anything?

That with some +12V switch (to send power-on signal to amplifier) would be simplest setup ever ;p

But i would have to change amp then as i have 2-channel one (bridged for bass speaker)...

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from the factory manta's had a dash adaptor that just covered where the stereo stuck out , no easy answer that i'm aware of its basicly a adaptor job or remove the heater lol , unless someone does a mp3 player shallow car stereo ?

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I would like to leave this bay without cutting...

So assuming that other 2000 Mantas on this forum have original Car Stereo or have none at all,

I've made a little plan to built a little cover-up setup.

What i need is an old, broken radio with at least 3 working buttons on front panel , sony nwz (because i have it already) mp3 player with car charger, 2 amplifiers and some speakers ;p

sony produce enough power to connect to hi-input in amp (tested on one amp), so basically:

1st amp for speakers, 2nd amp for sub

and i'll have to connect wires to old radio in dash to

1st button - power on/off mp3 charger and 'radio' backlight

2nd) and 3rd) +12v remotes to start amp1 and amp2

so this will stil look like old radio (and i can cut it if it's too deep), as i'm still unable to find shallow radio ;)

What do you think about it?

I dunno yet how to fit amps, because i have LPG tank in the trunk which took a lot of space, but a good plan is half of success,

and i have some time left before Manta get rebuild.

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