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Bits I Was Gonna Get At Billing :-(


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This is a short list of parts I was hoping to get at Billing before it was cancelled. They are all to fit an early Manta B Berlinetts.

Plastic trim for door card tops. The padded bit by the window. For both sides.

Chrome internal door release lever and plastic backing piece for passenger side.

One blanking piece to cover the holes where a passenger door mirror now is. I believe the car would only have had a driver door mirror and I have not seen another like it so getting one for the passenger side seems unlikely.

Passenger side door mirror as standard on very early car. Chromed bracket to the door and black mirror head.

Rebuild kit for the std carb as fitted to the 1.9s

Think that's about the lot. Trouble is its usually the things you don't know you need that are the most important finds at an Autojumble.

Hope some of you can help with these parts, Cheers, Bob.

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