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The A Series, The Ecotec And The Mounts...


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Hey all,

The old CIH in my A-series has become too unreliable and too thirsty for me to realistically keep (it's my daily).

I see there's plenty of info on the redtops in B's but less on A's and even less (specifically) on Ecotecs (I know there isn't THAT much difference, but better safe than sorry.)

Really I want to know what I'm looking at engine mounting wise. I've seen people say B OHC mounts, but there's a problem with that for me. There is only one B-Series in South Africa... and it was imported.

I'm perfectly Happy/Capable of making my own, so I'm looking for pictures and measurements so I can start mocking things up.

I'll also be chucking the original gearbox for a Getrag 240 out of a Rekord, which will just bolt up, right?

Clutch-wise what am I looking at?

I know the sump will need some fettling, but not my main concern.

Cool stuff. Thanks in advance.

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i used mounts from a vauxhall fontera4x4 (thay may call it a diffrant name down there) 2.0l steel ones and cut them where thay bolt on to the mount and puled the steel down to sit on the manta a mount then welded up , as i found the alloy ones did not sit on the manta a engine mounts right , i just welded up a fwd steel sump to fit , and used a omaga clutch plate .

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Thank you, Mr. Monkey.

I only actually had a look at the standard mounts today, so excuse my ignorance, but why can't the standard mounts be used? The pattern doesn't seem to have changed, 3 bolts to the engine... Or is the Ecotec significantly wider/narrower/taller?


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hey dude, were in SA are you from?

im doing a similar mod to my car, except for the ecotec i have a gt/e motor from a kadette.

i cant compare the 2, but im sure they will be VERY similiar in design.

the rekord box bolts straight onto mine, as if it was made for the motor, as for the mounts, the original mounts for the 1900 dont line up with anything on the motor, so best bet would be to get some made up or do some more research, im busy looking around so when i find something ill let you know.

also, there are 2 getrag boxes, one has 3 flanges on the output shaft (R25) and one has splines, mine has the flanges so im going to have to mod my drive shaft. theres also a conversion you have to do to the box for the shifter click this link.


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I'm in Stellenbosch/Somerset West. You?

As for the gearbox I've got the Getrag 240 not the Opel R25. Already done the shifter mod, real easy to do. Might even go back and do a short shift mod before I put it in. Still need to have the driveshaft shortened, but that's easy.

The 8 valve (GTE) and 16 valves seem to have the same mounts (I stand to be corrected). I thought about getting a 2l 8v out of a Kadett/Astra, but decided I'd rather go for something a bit newer.

Might see if I can find some mounts from a OHC/Irmscher Rekord.

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