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Wheel To Wheel Centre Measurements Required


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sorry to go off topic mrNick but what chnages would you normally do to a manta to set it up for drift?Camber, castor, antiroll bars? Any info at all would be greatly appreciated!


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drift setting usually have about 1.5/2 degrees front camber ,6 degrees caster and the rear setting really depend on how much power you are running ,some with big powere dial in a tiny bit of rear positive camber so when the power is put down they even up to zeroish so you get even tyre wear and contact...

the manta with a zero degrees rear set up could do with plenty of ponies to break the back out ..imo

also the front could really do with a coilover conversion ..the rear could stay soft for drifting

cars going to Simon to be looked at so ...watch this space !!

whilst we are on the subject

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Thanks a million for that mrNick!

I was looking for info on this for ages!

Do you know does a manta have 0 degree castor as standard?

I assume that you move the top wishbone rearwards by inserting vertical washers into the spacer tubes on the top wishbone in order to increase castor?

Sorry for all the questionsbut im just about to start on this on my manta.


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