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1984 Mk1 Vauxhall Carlton Estate £750


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It is with regret that I may have to sell this Carlton. Ive always wanted one and when one came up for sale, was daft enough to buy one. It looks like my Mondeo wont sell especially while I keep loosing massive amounts of money on it so this is up for sale.

1984 B reg Carlton Estate 1.8 ohc engine on Carburetter.

MOT= 18th Feb 2013

Tax runs out this month

I dropped on this motor really. Its completely original apart from an aftermarket CDplayer. The previous owner, however, decided to cut the springs with a grinder to make it lower. I was going to buy new springs but funds have been an issue of recent.

Its done 89k, Documented up to 79k by its first owner who let it go in 2010. From 73miles to 79733m every time he filled it up with petrol he noted the mileage, date, litres, converted to gallons then worked out his average mpg and noted down every time he topped the oil up, washed it, polished it etc etc etc. The book that comes with this car is a good read!!!

Its a lovely car to drive. I love it, really wish I didnt have to sell. The gear change is crisp and the engine runs sweet. (due for a service though) Its had two new front wings unfortunately painted the wrong shade of red.

Bodywork - there is minimal rust for an 84. A spot on the drivers door that needs rubbing down and painting and the boot needs flashing over. These are all jobs I was/will have done if I keep it.....

It has a Velox sunroof which i have been told could be a factory/dealer option. This is great, and it doesnt leak either!

Have some pics.





Price £750

Location - Leek, Staffordshire


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