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These Are Awesome (As The Yanks Say!)


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I have always been looking for a nice neat way to run the brake pipes over the back axel. I know some people run braided right across and cable tie them or if your using solid you can use those pesky little tabs that break off!

So one day while helping a friend replace the exhaust rubbers on his American truck, i was crawling around underneath and i noticed they use a clip to hold the brake pipe in place! so after a better look and some Googleing i came across the clips! I now have some and they are Awesome :-)


And here they are fitted


They need a rubber piece around the axel as the American one is larger, but that's all and fitted in about 20 mins for both sides.

I couldn't find them over here but if you want the part number it is: 15234822 and its called a STRAP. They are about $5 each.

And they come on the 2007 Chevy silverado. Got them from these guys http://www.gmpartshouse.com/ but they wanted an arm and a leg to post to UK !

If you need a couple of more pictures here are the links, and if you want any more info just PM me.





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I have just set them up to see how they would fit, so need to move them around to make sure they don't hit anything :-)

But so much easier than faffing about with other ways of fitting them. Will also hold the solid pipe nice and tight so i can then run the Goodridge braided hose straight from there to the calliper :-)

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