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List Of Ascona 2 Door Body Parts For Sale

ascona i2000

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1 O/S door shell brand new £275.00

1 GM OSF wing shop soiled £75.00

1 OSF wing used but good £75.00

1 NSF wing used and tatty £ 50.00

1 front apron panel new primed £75.00

1 front apron panel new £70.00

1 second hand rear panel with lights £50.00

1 brand new O/S head light in box £90.00

3 second hand O/S head lights £35.00 each

3 N/S/R tail lights second hand £15.00 each

1 N/S door shell, new GM skin fitted primed ready for palint £200.00

2 brand new O/S/F wing primed in 2 pack £90.00 each

1 N/S/F wing used could be refurbed £40.00

1 O/S/F wing used could be refurbed £40.00

1 swcond hand bonnet needs blasting £65.00

1 second hand O/S door needs work £50.00

1 secomd hand N/S door needs work £50.00

1 second hand O/S door with mirror needs work £50.00

1 second hand front panel assembly, incl slam panel

and head light mounts £25.00

Please PM if interested in any of the above, all based in Andover Hants,,


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