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Hello And A Little Help Required

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Hi guys,

I am an expat living in Scando now. Formerly frm Sunny Scotland now in fair Finland.

I am planning to go look at a Manta this tuesday, and well where better to come for some advice! Before i go trawling the forums for buyers guides etc i just thought i would pen my hello from myself and my hopefully future car :thumbup

all things to plan this car should be coming to my house on tuesday.

its an 82 Berlinetta. 2.0i

it was parked up in a heated garage back in 2008 and a project was to begin, alas he got as far as buying a quad light conversion and removing the lights. other than that it has been moved around the garage and nothing else :(




and last but not least


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Check for rust!

Take a screwdriver of death and poke it into the chassis rails, sills, inner sills.

The inner wings look crusty from here and i'm miles away!

Panels and parts are available depending on how much is in your slush fund!

Under the arches look rusty from here too.

Positive points, non sunroof and a great boot lid with no exclusive lifted boot problems

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wow its a record!! i know the connection is wnk here at the cottage sometimes but a triple posting is outstanding even for here!! :ph34r:

Please feel free to remove the others as i cant find a delete thread option =(

i asked him about the inner wings and apparently its not cRust its crap from laying around the barn so long. it was parked up after passing its MOT with no waarnings, However after owning several of Vauxhalls finest over the years and welding too many of them back together i am all to aware of the death poke!! 3 mk2 cavs and 2 astra GTE's sharpen te senses to GM rot issues!!

only rusting he knows of (i read admits to) is rear arched bubbling, hardly a surprise there!

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Well shock horror, i arrived to find it almost nothing like desribed. Left side was not too bad, lifted the carpets and seemed ok. inner wings were solid just dirt and crap. onto the right hand side lifted the carpets to find lots of patches that have been welded in, one had a corner lifting so i pulled on it and the whole thing came away =/ then i crawled underneath and pulled off more lumos and didnt even need the screwdriver to make holes. seems the seller looked less than happy at me pulling chunks off his "rust free" car.

Oh ho back to the search it is then!

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