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Hi need the M16 x1.5 flange nut (new) that goes on the gbox end of the torque tube for an Opel GT, will be the same as A series Manta and probably the later RWD stuff too

Part number:

GM: 8932806

Opel: 406826

Many thanks!


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D@mn it, I got the wrong part, that one was for the smaller 1.1L, not the 1.9L shaft.

New numbers:

Opel: 412139

GM: 8937737

I will be the same nut as on Manta and Cav and all RWD's (Ascona etc) of that period.

I can find one in Germany on Opel Teile, but 1 nut, delivered to the UK is like €30 and I am too tight to cough up for a nut at that price (that is not gold plated)

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