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Is My Front Cover Broken?


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I bought a mostly disassembled 1.9 bottom end recently, this evening I started to strip down everything in advance of getting all the bits properly cleaned. When I took the old seal out of the front cover, I noticed that it looks like there's a bit missing. See here:


I was sure this was damage, until I saw this picture:


The front cover in that picture also seems to have a piece 'missing' out of the face that the front seal fits on. Now I've never had the front cover off my own engine, so I don't know whether it's supposed to look like this, or whether this is just a weak bit that usually comes off?? I can't see any reason why the cover should have that gap, other than maybe to help you with getting the seal out?

If what I can see on mine is damage, I'm presuming it'll mean I would end up with a leaky front seal?

Anyone know how this is supposed to look, or have a front cover lying around they could look at?


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Yeh, that's certianly possible. It's strange that the cover in that other members pic has a gap in the same place tho. Funny thing on mine is that the actual face where the seal would sit has got that very straight edge to it, the jagged bit you can see is actually in behind.

Anyone got a cover sitting around they could double check with?

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Hi Moodoo

I dont know if these pictures help? they still have the seal in but you might be able to compare it to yours.



I can get a picture of mine as that dosnt have the seal in as im mid way through my engine build. I should also have a couple of covers spare as have bits from the 3 engines that i have in parts :-)

I can post a better picture tomorrow morning for you.


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