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1977 Cavalier Coupe Rae 476S Saying Hello ...


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Hi there all,

Should have joined this years ago ... Recently got my old cavalier coupe back from rusting away in the back yard of a local garage who was kindly storing it there for the last 6 years, 10 years previously in dry storage. It was a sad sight covered in green algee and plants growing out the air ducts, no brakes, snapped back bumper and quite perforated, but no dents in any panels which is a good start.

I bought it back in 1982 for £800 with 150k on the clock, metalic blue. Over the next 3 years i rebuilt it to resemble Bertie fishers 400 but with a gte bodykit. Engine was rebuilt by Ian Ferguson Engines, bored out from 1.9 to 2ltr with high lift cam, stage 3 head and lightened flywheel. It was sprayed polar white with anthrasite, grey and yellow stripes were sprayed a week later. This was completed a couple of days before the 1985 lombard RAC for which we were going to follow around the country.

While in Wales just coming into Builth Wells we had stopped at some roadworks when a car behind travelling too fast slammed straight into the back of us ... heartbroken at the sight and whiplash to the neck we drove back to Bristol with rope holding the backend together.

One year later it was repaired with new rear panel, rear wings, bumper and 400 bonnet added just in time for the 1986 rally ... which we followed again .. this time with no problems.

Eventually took the car off the road in 1996 after numerous ignition problems and just stopping for no reason.

So thats the story ... And so it starts again.

Doors are an absolute nesessity to get as the nearside bottom 3" fell off when it was opened and front floorpans you can virtually stick your feet through ... so any help on getting these parts would be great thanks,

ATB, Russ (Bristol)

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Yes thanks Stig, an old flip album pretty much over the first 6 years... i'll scan them and stick them up for you to see.

Dont know whether to go for new steel doors or plastic at the mo, and whats included in the plastic ones (although cheaper) and i take it dr manta is the place to go for panels?




These were all taken when it arrived back here on 15th Aug 2012 :( ... Flat battery that wouldnt charge, and a brake pedal that goes to the floor! ... but it turns over sweet as a nut now with a new battery although all the dials seem to have a mind of their own ! short somewhere then lol...

Cheers, Russ

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Thanks Rob,

May take you up on that offer, have you any photos of them?, the bottom 3 inches fell off the nearside door when i opened it ... can't remember them ever being that bad! and picked up a back bumper for next to nothing, so thats that bit sorted too. I'll be in touch or if you could leave a message on my flickr account as an email contact, links above from the photos. May be able to get to Cardiff in a couple of weeks time,

Thanks, Russ

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Thanks Stig, Glad you like it and thanks for looking, its had a wash and Tcutting as we speak and you're right its tons better ... there was people looking at it when it got back here on wednsday like i must be mad but a few have changed their minds already ha ha ... When i had it sprayed in the 80's, Bath bodyworks wanted to try some new paint out, i think its almost got some plastic in it with the finish you can obtain on it and the thickness ... shining up like a new penny, shame about the perforations!

Thanks, Russ

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