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A Series Window Adjustment


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Hey all,

My Manta's front passenger window isn't closing properly.

The regulator was slightly bent, so I swapped for a spare one I had, which has improved the general fit, but still isn't right.

It's leaning forward too much, there is an opening at the top back of the window. It's letting in rain and lots of wind noise. The in/out lean is fine.

I'm just wasting my time fiddling with the regulator fit without knowing what I'm doing.

Big thanks in advance.

PS. The windows shake on the way up and down, they are very loose in the runners, is this normal?

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You should see at each end of the door a bolt top and bottom, these let you lift the runners up and down, and side to side so you can get the adjustment right, its a bit of a bugger and can take a while to get it just right, but you should be able to get them stiing just right. Had mine apart a few times and finaly got them spot on. You might find the holes have caps over them, mine had grey ones. The window rattle will be caused by the clips that are in the window side of the runner, they wear and let the window rattle, not sure if ypou can get new ones or if anyone on here knows of something that you can get that works. Usually its the drivers that wears the most. I got some from the passangers side off of scrapped cars years ago and just used the best ones.

Hope this helps a bit? not sure if the workshop manual show it in there, will have a look if your not sure of the above.


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