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New Member Saying Hi


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Hello Everyone,

just joint the site, long time coming really.

My names Brad 25 from MK.

I have kinda posted with an alterior motive, Im after an A series manta (see my wanted post)

Ever since I was a kid I wanted an a seies manta, strange as I was born in 87 but after seeing a family friends (since tracked across the country to make an offer, which they no longer had)

I have never ever wanted any other car regardless of make model or year.

In short I have seen some of the photos on here "amazing" and it makes me want it even more.

so thanks for the hospitality OMOC



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Hi Brad, from MK which i'm preuming is Milton Keynes,then we are not that far apart, welcome to the Manta website.

there is a strong local Vauxhall/Opel group and we all help each other out.

Manta A's are lovely cars, not very common now but they still appear for sale from to time, you may have to be patient though, hope you succeed and in the future join us at cars shows.

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Hello Brad,

I am new here too and I have joined for mainly the same reasons you have.

I have always loved the Manta B, the Exclusive with the 4 round headlights as standard.

I'm 20 so just a tad younger than you but I am still unsure when I will purchase my first Manta, and good luck with finding your dream car!



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