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My Project

Ed Parkinson

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Well as you know I bought a A series Manta 1972 off ebay -with a few problems

and ias you'd have guessed it was a problematic start

she had been robbed at some stage and has visible scars - egnition barrel is destroyed, door lock knackered and hole under the lock too

the mans son opened the mini next to the car and wanged the side with the door - i was like >>>>> grrr!!!

after a cup of tea and loading up my dads car with spare glass i started to drive her down the road - feul gauge - nothing... sat in traffic for a few minutes to get to the pertrol station and added some additive to it... realised the feul gauge doesnt work! ha!

started to drive down the road ...She overheated ... dramatically much to my supprise i thought she would get 40-50 miles and get a bit hot pull over eat and drive the rest - 1-2 stops on the way for cooling i didnt mind. 5 miles and radiator going is not cool!

AA werent happy to see me even showed me the Ebay listing and were like u were warned it might overheat-- a few tense moments past until AA head office gave the AA man a piece of my mind and agreed to get a trailor and get it home (125miles)

the aa man said it would be home tonight and so i should go with my dad back home

the aa man dropped it off in wakefield services and left it there with the keys and very tempermental immobiliser

hours and hours past no sign - phoned the aa it was still there

i phoned aa and got a bit annoyed was like i was told today i dont want her in some service station with the keys in


so for the past few weeks ive been doing up my house and have been playing with the car to try and fix it

went through all of the possiblities with my dad and started with the radiator system etc

changed the water and ran it through with radiator cleaner

ran car- overheated & oil pressue 15-20 psi drops down to nothing oil light comes up ( on tick over!)

changed the radiator to a Manta B and new hoses and new thermostat --- someone had took the thermostat out completley...

Finally temperature seems more controlled but same oil pressure problems

checked the top of the engine- mayonayse - argh head gasket is gone...

oh and to make matters worse i cant get the flipping air filter back on!! =( just wont fit rubber seal is swolen i think but a guy is gonna look at it too.

thats the next job

i'll keep you informed

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