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'79 Rekord 2.0S Saloon Project, £200


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As the title says, I've realised it's time to put my Rekord project up for sale. I bought it about 18 months ago from Chris Thomas, another local member, and since then it's sat outside and I've done nothing to it, just haven't got the time or money with too many other projects on.

The car is pretty much complete, currently sprayed matte black (badly) but it looks kinda cool. It's a 2.0S auto, but the gearbox, torque converter and drive plate are in the boot. Front wings aren't attached and I think may be off a slightly later car, but it comes with a Carlton front valance to match. I think it's reasonably sound underneath but it's a project and I haven't been able to look underneath for a long time so expect some welding. It comes with £250 worth of brand new lowering springs and shocks which I haven't fitted yet. The engine I'm told was perfect, until the torque converter came loose from the drive plate as Chris was collecting it. Interior is gold and pretty good, but has speakers in the door cards and rear shelf. It rolls but doesn't run or drive, so it'll need collecting on a trailer - I may be able to deliver if you're fairly local.

£200 takes it or I put it on ebay. If anyone wants pictures I can get some at the weekend!

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Bump - anyone want to make me an offer I can't refuse? Weather's been too wet to start stripping it, and the Disastra keeps falling apart around me.

cam.in.head - I'll let you know about the valance if I can't sell the car and spares complete.

could be interested the car but mainly need an engine and other parts if your willing to split, have you got any photos? :rolleyes:

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