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Welcome, good to have another Aberdoneon on here, as you can gather I am a long way from home.

Cant comment on the Manta A panels but Callum at Retropower is a great first contact, he has fixed me up with panels for my Manta CC, I don't have a clue about the A.

Hope you have some space for the project, plenty of time and gear to work with mate, old cars are black hole when it comes to time and money.

If your getting serious I suggest you join up as a full or web member (rather than a user) as there is a lot more info on this forum / club once you join, its been well worth it for me.

Look forward to hearing more on your project.


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Was it owned by a bloke called Azzi?

I sent him a new clutch for the car, he never paid me for it <_< £80 I will never get back

I'm surprised I still trust people :ph34r:

Good luck with it, we are a caring loving group of Manta owners who will give you in even doses grief and support :lol:

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