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Final A Series Clear Out!


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As the old A series build is getting near to the end its time to clear out the last bits that i don't need. Any reasonable offers accepted as they must all go :-)



(Now sold)





Set of lights (good reflectors) sold



Cable of some sort!


another cable: (sold)


Steering wheel and boss


Brake light switch: (sold)


Pair of head gaskets (1.6 i think):


Some sort of thing!


Clutch (only done about a thousand miles and then just sat in the car so needs the face doing) think i have the release bearing somewhere. Good to keep as a spare!


2.4 rocker cover (needs a good clean up, but straight)


Front wing (as far as i know its an original GM one, it has a dent on the top, but is still nice and straight, no bumper hole as the car it came of had bumpers removed) but nice and solid and with a bit of work will be a good wing (£80 +postage) I have more pictures from all angles if needed.


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Just kidding as i know you like a bit more power in yours ;-)

Im just keen that the bits can go to someone who can use them as none of them are any good for mine now and dont want to bin any bits, but need to clear some space as when the Manta is finally finished im going for a much easier project.

Lambretta Li 150 series 3. I can lift that up and move it about so should be far less stress :-)

Think they have about 8 BHP :-) and only one piston to mess up if in not careful!!


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Hey Paul

Here a lots of hi res pictures


The wing is in good condition and any of the rust is just surface rust. If you had it bead blasted and the top filled properly you would end up with a good wing at a fraction of the cost of a new one (if you can find one) the only reason im not keeping it is a i have a spare and did keep this just in case, but need the space. Same with the rocker cover a good clean and paint and its a nice straight one.

Should be easy to post, will do a measure up and get some costs. If its expensive (which i hope it wont be) i might be heading up to Leicester in October which is not for from you if your in northampton?


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Did you just want the steering wheel or the boss as well?

I had replied to tooler's post above but no reply back from him so if you want it i was looking for £25 + postage for wheel and boss or £20+postage for just the wheel.


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