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B Reg Gold Gte Hatch For Sale.


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I have decided to sell my manta as it has just been sitting on my drive for the last 4 years.

I have had the car for the past 11 years and I am only the 2nd owner.

The car ran fine when last on the road and only took off the road due to my daughter being born and not having the time to run 2 cars, but never got back round to getting it back on the road.

The car is sorned and no MOT and as said has been off the road for 4 years; there are areas that need attention like sunroof front of the inner wings the worst being driver’s side, both rear lower quarters and rear lower valance passenger door has a hole in it, and above driver’s side headlight on nose cone where bonnet sits when closed and bonnet. Seats need a good clean and the exhaust centre box was blowing when last run.

Here is a link to show photos of the car of areas most people want to see.


I am selling the car as I can’t see me starting the work on it anytime soon, so would like it to go to someone for a project to restore it, or for spares then at least someone would get some use out of it.

Better than it just sitting on my drive.

I am looking for £450 but open to offers.

Car is located in Leek Staffordshire but will need trailering away as not been run for the last 4 years.

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Not sure if it will be back on the road didn't divulge much but said he had a chevette.

Must say i was surprised when we rolled it down my drive to put it on revovery lorry that the brakes still worked.

Who'd have thought after 4 years they would still work both front brakes and handbrake.

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The time was right to get rid as i want to get a garage built at the side of the house so needed to sell on to do this.

with the british weather being as it is I need a garage to be able to do work on a car.

Just got to get rid of the caravan now then i've got every where clear to get garage up.

Then I don't know when i'll get another one but always fancied an A.

I will be listing parts up soon to clear out my dads garage, just got to see what is in there as i have just been storing bits that i have collected over the years, so don't really know what i have got.

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