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Commodore B Bits Joblot Clearout.(No 400 Stuff.)


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Dude's, still got a few commo coupe bits that need to go if anyone's interested.

Full coupe glass (reg etched) (aerial in front screen) including surrounding trim (good'n'bad).

Pair of headlights/indicators (one reflector corroded ).


Pair of outter door handles.

O/s door mirror.

Lower dash inc glovebox..

Coupe roof with steel sunroof.

C post vents.

Reckon about £250 'but' am up for offers chaps.

Ta, Damo.

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Hi there, how much for door handles and C pillar vents? Are they in good condition and do you have any pics? Thanks

Hi dude,

Are you in New Zealand? Thought you had the Ranger over there for bits. Would rather shift the lot but i'll see if i can work out how to put pics up.

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Yes, I'm in NZ, but no Ranger model here - I think that is South Africa's model. The Opel Commodore was never sold new here, and I know of about 5 sedans that were imported privately, but three crushed, one missing and the fifth in my paddock to rebuild! I also have a coupe.

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