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October Meets Around Sheffield- Omoc And Retro Rides


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On Monday October 1st, Retro rides have an evening meet at Toys R us in Meadowhall retail park. I've seen allsorts of weird and wonderfull cars turn up to this meet from a twin turbo'd VR6 powered split screen VW van to Gartrac RWD MK3 Escorts. There's usually a couple of Opels there too and we've had Mantas, Asconas, Monaros, Chevettes, Vivas, Mk2 Cavalier SRIs and Astra GTEs turn up too. This meet is free to get into and is just down the road from the Meadowhall shopping centre as you head towards the Sheffield arena.

Thursday the 4th will be our OMOC meet up at Dronfield. Last month we met a couple of new members, who turned up in a nice Kadett 2 door saloon. This car had a Manta GT/E engine and was running bike carbs. It also had bubble arches, split rim wheels and a Limited slip diff. This was its first proper outing in years as it's been stood unused for a while but it made it all the way over from Mansfield no problems. I followed it back down the bypass after our meet and it doesn't hang about.

Mick's sold his Orange Manta B on and I'm wondering what he's going to build next. I know where there's another Bedford CF2 Mick, but this one is one of those day vans with the huge windows in the sides. The interior is a bit "Pimp my ride" too. ( right up your street )

See you there? Luke.

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This month's Retro rides meet will be a bit different Dill. At the last few meets there's been a few oxygen theifs turn up in newer non-retro cars like Subarus and Corsas and try their best to destroy the carpark and their tyres at the same time and sit there, pointlessly revving engines whilst listening to Dub step at 20000 watts. This kind of acting like numpties is guaranteed to attract the attention of the police and it won't be long before we all get tarred with the same brush and get our retro meet stopped. A discussion on Retro rides website suggested that the meet needs an organiser and that lad with the Austin Princess has stepped forward. He's sugested that all the pre year 2000 stuff parks in front of Toys R us and all post year 2000 stuff parks in our usual carpark out side Mcdonalds. Then if the police turn up it will be easier to separate our retro meet from the Max power cruise in the next carpark. Just park the Monaro and Ginner's Focus up with us lot and don't worry about it.

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