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A Series Parts - Second Hand Or New


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Hi all

would be grateful if anyone could point me in the right direction.. I need the following to get my Aseries through the MOT

upper ball joints (x2)

sway bar bushings (those that are hard to get out) and the ones that fix to the subframe

coil springs (front x2 and rears x2)

throttle cable inclusive of fittings (rubber washers etc)

front brake hoses x2

Would prefer if I could get these in good second hand condition alternatively which motorfactors would you recommend?

thanks in advance!

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I might have a throttle cable up in the loft. i can have a look later in the week and let you know.

As for the sway bar bushes a doubt you will get good second hand ones as they are a bugger to get out, but i have just bought a new set for mine as a spare from Splendid parts in Germany.


You might be able to get them from somewhere else but iv'e not found them anywhere else.


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