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Expensive Manta Jigsaw With Lsd.

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So you should. This forum has had its fair share of sniping and bitching etc without you doing that and then advertising the fact !!

Doesn't really put across a good image of our common interest in Opel Manta's does it.

At least the guy went to the trouble of comprehensively listing the car and its associated parts for anyone that required it.

:( His ebay response was spot on TBH

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Whoa easy fella. You can email who you like on ebay just not on here . Like I said this forum has had its fair shre of fallouts etc. Reading your post just doesn't convey the right atitude.

Don't get me wrong reading some ebay ads drive me insane the way they are worded etc but they don't deserve comments like that simple as that!! Ebay is invaluable in turning up the much needed parts / cars we all hanker after.

Nuff said.

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Dear taylorblue5,

Thanks mate...I know...he wanted to put it on for 4k I said that was ridiculous I've seen runners at this spec going for less... I just do what I'm told....don't get me wrong he's spent a lot of money on parts and a load of time doing it but they just aren't worth what I think he thinks they are...I bought my 58 ford pop for 500 quid more with tax and MOT and that's a full rebuild! Thanks for the info I will tell him, he don't use the net or anything so he probably thinks that's a good value for it...I don't know much about the old opels and all- you'd think they'd be quite sought after now- rarer than capri's and they're going for silly money...but yeah...I did suggest to break it into parts but I think he just wants rid what with being penniless and all, he's got a new job now but because his garage went bust he's not been paid 2 months wages and things were getting a bit tight...

- gnarlerboy

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