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Massive Parts Clearout- All Pictured.


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Being an ex-member I thought I'd advertise these bits here first due to all the parts, help and advice I've gained in the past.

I need to have a clear out and regain some space so the more you can take at once the better!

Because I'd prefer to sell multiple parts I'm up for a deal (albeit sensible) so welcome your offers.

Postage should be available for the parts although all postage will be at your risk, especially on glass and doors etc.

PA010494.jpg PA010495.jpg PA010497.jpg PA010498.jpg

PA010499.jpg PA010500.jpg PA010501.jpg PA010502.jpg

PA010503.jpg PA010504.jpg PA010505.jpg PA010506.jpg

PA010507.jpg PA010508.jpg PA010509.jpg PA010511.jpg

PA010512.jpg PA010513.jpg PA010514.jpg PA010515.jpg


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I would be interested in the handbrake lever, one of the wheels for a spare and the heater fan if robah dosn't take it.

Thank you


Don't know about anyone else, but I have never received a PM (one sent to Blockhead 6th Oct 12) or reply to my post.

Mick if they contact you by all means go for the heater :)


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