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Manta B And Ascona B Panels, New And Used, Cheap

Kevin Abbott

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I need to clear my unit of some parts and also make some space in the loft so here we go

Paypal and cash is accepted.

You can collect the parts from my house in Bacup, Lancs or I can take them to the NW pub meet at Preston or if you cross my palms with gold i'll even send them via courier.

Ascona B front panel, good condition, very rare item £125


Pair of Ascona B wings, a bit rusty in parts of the top rail but genuine wings that can be repaired £40 pair


Manta B lower valance, good strong condition £15


Manta B / Ascona B inner floor repair panel, new. This panel goes from front to back on the drivers side and looks like it extends to the chassis rail. I've never seen one before or ever seen the other side either £40



More to come when I can get in the loft, watch this space

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More panels

Manta B wings new £150 each, these are the good pattern part ones and have the separate filler piece at the front of the wing edge top

I have 2 drivers side and 1 passenger side, these are the last I have of new wings

Drivers side, no 1 ( note, if you want a specific one of these 2 this one is the ...no sticker.. one)



Drivers side no 2, sticker one



Passenger side wing




Chevette Kadett inner wing repair panel £20



Manta ascona b inner wing rear repair section panels

2 passenger side NS, 1 drivers side OS , one NS has slight surface rust £25 each

ONLY 1 PS side left




Battery tray cut out of doner car, very good condition I may have to pull this as it's been enquired about before but I can't remember who £30



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Hi Kev, it was me who was asking for the battery tray, I though you had forgotten...

Can you PM me a price for the floor and the tray posted along with your paypal please?

Cheers, Scott.

Hi Scott, yea I remember now, knew somebody wanted it

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Scott, I've not been able to weigh the package yet, I'll sort yours asap

Andrew, yours going out Friday, thanks for the payment

Peter, sorry the last of my XE Manta stuff is going on Sunday

Fermanta RE Ascona stuff, check your PM



I'll update the thread at weekend with more parts and take out the sold ones

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Sorry mate I've not sent your yet. I will do as soon as I can get back into the unit.

ASCONA stuff still for sale ,Fermanta never got back in touch?

I'm pulling out of my unit soon so I need it gone.

I've doors, bumpers,hatch tail gate, boot lids, most panels and any manta stuff you can name but a lot of performance stuff has now gone to pay the tax man ;-(

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Separately the bits come in at around £300

I'll do the Front panel, grill, headlights, wings,bonnet for £250

If you want a narrow body 400 front spoiler/bumper to go with this lot too I can do that all for £300



No way I can sort post out though, sorry

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That sounds okay, I can pick this up as it should fit in my A4 estate.

When would be a good time to pick this up, i am free on Thursday on to Sunday.

A postcode for a destination would be good as it is around 500 miles return.

I will send you a pm with my contact number.



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