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3.0 24V Conversion


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I am looking at trying this conversion on my manta (GTE coupe 1988) over the winter if it isnt to troublsome.Has anybody got any information on this or anybody done this already that can give me a little guidance.

I dont want to cut the car about as it is a nice car and i want it to look standard as possible when finished.



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I have not done this conversion, but I have moved a vauxhall straight 6 far enough to know how heavy they are.

I personally think that they are too heavy for the front of a manta, if fitted far enough forward to not cut the bulkhead, and certainly if you want it to handle properly

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I haven't done this conversion to a Manta either but I did fit one to my Commodore 'B', the biggest problem I feel will be getting hold of a good engine, spares are both difficult to get hold of and extremely expensive, I saw a curved timing chain guide go for over Four Hundred pounds earlier this year!! The alloy heads corrode very badly also, it would be very easy to spend over a Grand just changing the head gasket and timing chains etc which are very likely to be needed? I can't help but feel there are many better engines available these days??



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had one in my manta, have taken it out as restoring it,there are a few mods to do to car,firstly cutting out front subframe, to get engine in,cut and modify sump,to get in and modifying eng crossmember,as retro power says,they are v/heavy,i own a carlton gsi,engines are pretty bulletproof though,170,000mls ,cheap to get hold of,24v senators etc,as for chain guides,saw that on ebay,u can still get brand new from germany for half that,lots of info on here re fitting one,


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