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My wife, Marilyn, and I have just taken out a joint membership. Marilyn was a member a coule of years ago and we have decided to renew our connection.

I have a 1980 Cavalier Sportshatch and Marilyn has a 1977 Cavalier Mk1.

(Also in the fleet we have a 1985 Mercedes 500SL, 2001 Range Rover, 1993 Mercedes 200E all roadworthy and a 1969 Land Rover SIIA, a 1979 Land Rover SIII and a 1989 Range Rover - all a bit worrying when you see it written down :o .)

We are also members of the Cavalier and Chevette Club and the Mercedes Benz Club.

Fortunately we have both retired (poor but happy) and have recently built a new garage with a hoist (another reason for being poor) - getting too old for crawling under cars in the cold and wet.

Looking forward to meeting some of you at next year's shows.

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hello and welcome on board.

nice looking pair of cavs you have there, Hope you can Join the Scotish clan on there yearly trip down to Billing one year, it would be very nice to see your cars in the flesh.

Cold garage floors, can be a real pain sometimes, that why I have a roll over cradle, its the next best thing to a hoist.

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hi aye! will you be joining some of us at the tain car show next year?

We were at Tain a couple of years ago and thought it was a nice show. This year we went to Cholomedely Pageant of Power in Cheshire with the two cars. Unless we win the prize draw for free tickets, we won't be back next year; it was wet and the camping very disorganised. The club displays were badly hit by underwheel conditions with several stands unoccupied as the cars were not allowed onto the site. In fact, some clubs set up stands in the car park! So we may well be at Tain next year. We usually go to Forres, HWC Rally at Brodie and Grantown Motor Mania with some others (Dingwall, Rosemarkie etc) if they don't clash with events further south.

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