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New Floor,chassis Rails Ect


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will be having a go at my manta gte coupe next year, i have very little time to do the work but am more than able to do it, so i am looking at someone to do it for me, this will be my dream manta so will only go with people that come recomended and able to do it right, first i would like new chassis rails made, from the swan neck back and made from box section, cut out inner sills and replace with box section and a new floor both sides, trans tunnel and baulkhead i have cut out the trans tunnel from the handbrake upto the baulkhead and cut out some of the baulkhead but not all of it, so would like someone to give a sort of price that would cover that kind of work its not a rust bucket just this car will last for ever if done right many thanks.

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Thanks for the plug Simon.

Sounds like the sort of work I could help you with. I am currently doing a very simular job on a GTE.

Chassie rails, swan necks and floor sections are available from Germany. check out http://www.Leidinger-Tuning.de

it is very hard to give a price with out seeing the car, if you can send me some pics, that may give me a better idea.


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