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'82 Manta Srb Coupe, Non-Sunroof, £650 S Wales


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I bought this car from James (stradacab) back in June, and I've done a few little bits and pieces and collected some parts but that's about as far as I ever got with it. With too many projects on the go I'm afraid it's time to find this one a new home, not to mention I've just been made an offer I can't refuse and need to make some space...

Anyway, the car! An '82 SR Berlinetta, in very rare factory black with gold interior. My plan was to get a quick MOT and use it as a daily for a while, but with the arrival of my Viva and too many others, I just haven't had the time or the money. It won't take too much to get it on the road I don't think, or you could go for a full resto and make a very nice car. It starts, runs and drives, doesn't have much of a brake pedal at the moment but I think it just needs bleeding after I changed a couple of flexis that were about to explode. Needs the Varajet carb rebuilt but I'll chuck in the rebuild kit that I got for it. It actually runs pretty well considering it's been off the road for 10 years, exhaust sounds good and looks like a nearly new front pipe. Being an '82 model it has electronic ignition on the 2.0S engine, along with a 4 speed box.

Body wise, I've tried to show in the pictures the worst bits that will need doing but these are relatively minor. Rear wheel arches are good, as are the sills, chassis rail swan necks may need some work or may pass an MOT as they are, but they're a long way from the worst I've seen. It's a non-sunroof model which probably saved it from the worst of the rust. Needs a new front valance, but I've got a good SH one I'll throw in with it, and will need the front wings sorted if you're doing a proper job. There's also a hole on the inner wing just in front of the battery tray, and another on the front of the OS chassis rail just over the ARB mount.

It will need things like tyres, brakes sorted out, general service etc as it has been off the road for 10 years, but it's a very good base for a project. I don't have anywhere indoors to keep it or work on it so with the weather the way it has been this year, I can't see me getting around to it any time soon. I don't have the V5 yet, but I think James still does.







Back end of NS sill:




And from below:




I'm after £650 for it, which is about what it owes me, no offers on this please - I can easily put it on ebay and get more, but I thought I'd offer it to the club first. It'll need towing away on a trailer/recovery truck but it will drive on at least. Can deliver it on my trailer if you're fairly local for fuel money. For an extra £100 I might even have a chicago grey Recaro interior I can include if you want it.

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Break it? NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

If anyone wants a restoration project this is a near perfect vehical, desirable coupe WITHOUT a sunroof, some rust but not galloping rot everywhere and all the impossible to get trim still in place, this looks like the basis of a really nice Manta in years to come.

Sutty - what parts are you looking for?, i've got piles of sh** and if i can find any of it i might have something you need...

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Well if its too good to break then someone needs to save it! Ian I'm after that exact interior. I have been for years. Door cards carpet, centre console and everything out of the boot. I don't think you have those bits, you didn't last time we rummaged through your container :(

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