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Mancona Coupe


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Here's my mancona coupe

Just had the front end painted.

Got a few jobs left to do ,then put it in for MOT.



I wasn't sure the colour would work for me.was thinking of a full colour change respray but budget would not allow.

Having said that I think the colour works now its done,just need to sort some wheels now !

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Thanks for the tip Kevin.

I haven't looked at the lights properly,I've seen them with clear lenses,just assumed they were a different unit.

That's my job tomorrow night now!,

Cheers,clear indicators here we come !

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Hi rob yes it's the car I brought off you.

I was going to repair the front with a manta panel but then thought what the hell why not !

I'm well pleased with the results but understand its not to everyone's tastes.

Anyhow here's how it all started a month or so ago.

Take one manta that's in pretty good nick,but with a very crusty nose!



Add an Ascona front panel


Then add wings and bonnet


Spend some time prepping,then add paint



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Latest update

I have fitted new boot lid with 3 piece spoiler.exclusive rear bumper and infill panel between the rear lights

Will get some pictures up as soon as we get a bit of decent weather,its either raining or I am t work !

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Brilliant job, there are going to be many scratching their heads when they see her on the road!! Is it my eyes that are not on a level keel, or is the front bumper slightly lower under the O/S headlamp than the N/S? Not nit picking but just to check if I need to go to those glasses people we see advertised everywhere!!! Great job though, we'll done.

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Thanks for the kind words

No your right about the bumper,it did bug me for ages,but unfortunately it's on straight it's actually the bumper moulding thats not true that's making it look slightly out of level

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