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Gte Not Starting


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Drove my gte back from my mates spray shop yesterday afternoon. That's when I noticed oil pressure gauge on max. See previous post!

Got car home no problem.

Spent the evening fitting the front end back eg reconnecting lights,bonnet fittings etc

Had disconnected air filter to get to offside headlight. I also unplugged it from loom.

Later after fitting lights went to move car it would not fire. Tried again. Nothing.

So refitted air box. Still nothing. Is it possible to have damaged something while trying to start like this?

It fires up briefly then dies. But after two or three goes does fire unless u leave it a couple of mins.

With my limited knowledge of mantas I have done a search on here and checked the continuity of the green wire from fuel pump relay( if that's the one by air box) to the coil,this is ok

Sorry post is long winded just trying to give you all the info.

I've now got a nice shiney mancona coupe that I can't use !!! Please help!!


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Hi Brian, since I would be seeing you in a short while, possibly this weekend, wouldn't mind helping you diagnose the problem, if you want, I got your phone number i will give you a call to discuss.

Does your car eventually start at all apart from a brief period then stops, you checked the green wire continuity and found it to be Ok, so what about the other place the gereen wire is suppose to go to? i.e. ignition module and possibly from that module to the ecu.

Have you tried easy start spray by injecting a few puffs of that spray into the air box and attempting starting?

I will give you a call later this evening to arrange for collecting the bits and also see to your Manta.



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Hi mike

That's very decent of you to offer to help.

I going to have another look tonight when I get home.

I have this annoying habit that I don't like being beaten !!

If you get chance to call please do,but only if you get time,I do appreciate its your time

If I hit success ill let you know.

Cheers Brian

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I knew with a clear head and a fresh start we'd get there!

Started with the assumption it was just a coincidence with me removing the air box.

Checked all connections all was good.

Changed fuel pump relay. No difference

Changed air box. No difference

Then had a stroke of luck.

Went to try ecu as I had a spare. Bear I mind I've been no where near this.

Went to remove old one. The connection to the ecu has a broken tab and had worked loose!!

As it started it made connection. As soon as engine fired the slight vibration through the car made it come loose and cut out!!

What a sneaky fault.

Thanks for all the advice. Much appreciated. Just proves what a good forum this is.

Thanks again,I'm off out for a spin !!

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Funny that Brian, I was going to suggest you to unplug your ecu and plug it back in, then I thought, No, because it would mean ripping the side panel trim off, and then it may not yield the results, mine is already peeled off as it needed welding done to the floor and so it never went back, but I know the ecu connections do play on mine from time to time, and all it needs is undoing and refitting again, which i preassume cleans or wipes the contacts and so makes all that diference when a problem like yours crop up, although yours was a broken tab or pin.

Wel done though, you got it sorted out.

I am looking to come over on either sat or sun, but will check with you first. cheers

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