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Budget Track Day Hatch


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Ok brought this last week,the original plan was to run it for a bit and make use of any parts I needed off it for my mancona and my ongoing long term 400r build and then sell it on.

However we are all entitled to a change of heart !!

So as mancona coupe is 99% done I've decided to turn this 1800 hatch into a track day toy,whilst keeping it road legal.

The misses thinks I got enough going on but I never listen ! She tells me I got a different motor for every day of the week now !

Any way back to the hatch.

The plan is to build it up slowly over time whilst keeping it on the road using stuff I already have,or gear I buy by selling stuff I no longer need.

The first job is simply strip the interior to save some valuable weight. This mod cost nothing ! !

I've removed the Towbar (now for sale).

On doing so I've discovered I have a leaky fuel tank.

I do have a replacement but I'm going to have a think before I fit it, I may install a smaller race tank.

Here's some pics of how the car looks as I got it. I believe it's had a few owners that are members,but strangely it was first registered about 40 miles from me



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i did a lot of work on this motor before manta again bought it off me.

he had a few issues with it as he probably said but still a good strong shell for its age.

i bought it from drew with no engine or gearbox and fitted some spares i had taking up space in my unit

and ran it through winter in snow getting a bit sideways sometimes thought about buying it back myself.

good luck with the track day mission.

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Thanks for the tip Kev

I did think I may refurb it but you've now prompted me to defo keep it.

Pick up rollcage today paid for with funds from some bits I sold,so in keeping with the ethos of this build!(so far anyway!)

So now have plenty to get on with

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Right time for a little update

Not done to much as been so damn cold but got my first track day in it this Saturday at lydden hill

I've give it a service,fitted rollcage and twin headlights

Just got to fit harnesses and bonnet pins for this weekend,and may be my race seat if I get time.


Rollcage now fitted


Carbon twin headlights should add 10 bhp !!!


More improvements to come during the year, but want to do a bit at a time in order to see the progress on track.

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