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Manta A Front Subframe And Suspension Parts


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Hi, i am trying to refurb my front axle,

I need the anti roll bar rubbers, ball joints, and i need a pair of the l shaped pieces of metal that go from the back of the subframe to join it to the chassis rail. they have rubber bush at one end.

any ideas?



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Hi Sam

Don't bother with Dr Manta, got all my bits from splendid parts in Germany, not the cheapest but not the most expensive.


Got anti roll bar bushes and the ones that fit at the end of the anti roll bar as well.

This guy also has some A series parts www.edelschmiede.com, again not cheap but the Euro helps, and very quick. Also if you have part numbers try http://www.vauxhall-car-parts.co.uk they can look some parts up without the part number. I usually get the part number from a vauxhall dealer and then call them ;-) they seem to be able to get bits if your not in a rush.

Hope some of these help?


p.s some people say splendid parts are not very good at sending the orders out, but i found sometimes its the way there form works english to german, so i always put full address in the notes section and pay by pay pal, never had a problem and they were quick with delivery. You might need to use google chrome for a translation. Any other help needed drop me a PM as i have changed most stuff on my A series and its still not finished yet ;-)

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