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Water In Trunk And Heater Vent Leaking


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greetings from Denmark

Im new hear and new to the manta B

When it rains and have a puddle water in my coupe trunk

has anybody else had this problem and how too cure it

previous owner has not used the rubber window seal

but glued the window in it all looks good with no holes the water could leak in from

and 2 my heater is leaking in rain water I tested it by covering the heater intake vent near the windsheild and the leaking went away drain probably clogged

my question is about how to take it apart

do i start from the engine compartment or from the interior and take out dash

Thanks Henrik

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hi henrik

to remove the plastic from near the heater vent is all undone from the engine compartment

and have you tried a new boot seal to stop water going into the boot or try some non hardening sealer around the rear screen

like this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/290484791899

in the mean time till you stop the leaks just dry the water away daily with a towel ,done it myself for years

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When you remove the plastic heater parts, they are screwed down from the engine bay into the interior of the car. If those screw holes haven't been sealed then water will get in. Water also finds its way in via the bonnet pull cable.

In the boot, make sure the rear lights are tight to the body and sealed. Try a new boot seal. I used a mondeo mk1 hatch seal and cut it to size. Much better as it has 2 sealing surfaces.

Water can also get in via the fuel filler hole and if the drains from the sunroof have moved you may be filling your boot via your roof :-)

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