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'82 Opel Manta Deluxe (1 Of 3 Left On Dvla Records)


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Non sunroof black coupe

Reconditioned 2.0e Engine

Brand new Front Subframe "poly" bushes by powerflex

New Discs and Pads

New Upper and Lower Balljoints

New Steering rack Rubber Bellows

New steering track rod ends

New Monroe Dampers

New Front Suspension Springs

New Front wheel bearings

Front Subframe rust proofed with Postbox Red metal paint

New Brake and Fuel lines

Engine Painted with Heat Resistant Paint

New clutch cable

New Rear wheel cylinders

You are buying this to DRIVE

not have it jacked up for months while you source spare parts!!!

Trouble free motoring as all the mechanical parts have been repaired/ replaced

400 series Vented Fiberglass Bonnet, 3 piece Rubber Spoiler and Rear Bumper and Light infill

Gte sideskirts, Black Ronal Alloys and Recaro seats

Will have a Sports Steering wheel but I bought the wrong Boss kit but will get a new one

Opel GT Alloy Rocker Cover

New Cylinder Head Bolts

New Dizzy and Blue HT leads

New Coil

New Air and Fuel Filters

New Spark Plugs

New Wiper Blades

New Interior soundproofing and Black Carpet

Theres probably more that I've done so I will keep a regular update on here

Car will be available for sale at start of FEBRUARY 2013,

Car is Located in Cornwall ( PL26 8SD)

Photos WILL be uploaded on here AFTER Xmas

but if I cant For any reason Message me on 07543772975 any weekend til 8PM


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Hi Robert, can u send me your mobile number and I will see if I can get a few off to you this week? Like I said am still working on it and probably wont be finished til the end of next month (Jan) but I can send you a few to show you whats been done already.

Am having trouble tracking down an Oil pressure sender, a getrag rubber mount and a quad light for the passenger side, everything else just needs bolting back together and run in to the Mot station, cheers kerry

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Sorry to everyone who asked for photos/info on the car, have been busy all over xmas and new year, just to clarify; I'm advertising the car on here well before it is ready to give club members first refusal and keep it in the family so to speak but once its Mot'd I will be sticking it on Ebay for a rediculous amount. But I will get photos out to whoever asked for them soon, cheers

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