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Car Running Rough And Trouble Starting


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Hello all

I'm having troble getting my Manta b started and when it starts it idles and runs rough like missing 1-2 cylinders

smoke out the exhaust kinda like a choke not stopping like on my old golf

when reving it up to higher revs around 3500 it sounds better runs smother

then sometmes when trying to try rev it up it just dies and wont start again like its flooded

motor is a 1,9 with a head and injection from 2.2 and with electronik ignition

It is a new car for me ran good when first got it then there was a alot of moisture in the air and the weather got cold

and it starting to giving these problems

Cheers for any help

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one of those hard to find but probably simple in the end type problems.check all connections involved with injection system especially the temp sender on top of the thermostat(square 2 wire plug)engine earth,injection manifold earth,also check flap inside air flow meter is not seized. this list could go on & on but try these first.good luck

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Also if you have a cold starter valve injector on the back of the injection try disconnecting it as they sometimes get stuck for some reason. Then it will run like a carb´d one with the choker pulled constantly.

Also check all wirering and give it some spray of sorts. Here in Denmark the contact and moist remover spray is called "Caramba". But there are several on the market.

Also check your spark plugs. You can learn alot about your engine by observing their colour. If they are black the engine gets too much juice (fat mixture = blown fuel regulator, bad injectors, or bad cold start injector). If they are white (like chalk)/grey it is proppably running lean (false air check manifold gasket, servo valve and tubes, false air leaks on all connections on the intake manifold).

The above is not a direct answer to your question but will bring you closer to something solvable :)

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