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2.2 Injection On A 1.9


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the previous owner of my car installed a cylinder head and fuel injection from a a 2.2 onto the 1,9 block

He said it runs a little rich because the injection is for a bigger motor

my question should i install a fuel injection from a 2.0

is there any difference in the 2.0 control module air flow meter and injectors

I'm concerned about the this because of emissions test


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Wouldnt it be easier to have the bottom end rebored with bigger pistons and keep it running the 2.2 injection?

I ran 95.5mm pistons in my 1.9 and probably could have got 96mm ones in there.

Would save alot of hassle getting all the 2.0l stuff?

Just a thought.

Also is the 1.9 in an A series? as i thought before 1975 you didnt have to have emissions checks done? or have things changed since mine was last on the road :-)


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The 2.2 and 2.0 injectors are the same....you just need to weaken mixture at the air flow meter. In theory it will only adjust idle mixture, but if it is out of spec, it does affect normal running. Additionally the 2.2 is large valve so is a good upgrade. I would keep it.

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check out opelgt.com for info on the bosch injection

fit a k and n sports air filter this will probably slightly weaken the mixture

the 2.2 manifold is infact smaller in bore size than the 2.0 it is the main restriction on the 2,2 (it increased torque)

more power can be had from using a 2.0 one although you have to redrill to make it fit because the inlet and exhaust ports are at a different level

if you fit a 2.4 exhaust manifold or sports one you will get more power

all valve covers inc the opel one fit with fuel injection.

you can use used 2.0 pistons as a cheap way to increase the capacity (makes it 2.0) and while you are at it fit the 2.2 crank as its much stronger (2.0 pistons and 2.2 and 2.4 are all the same size but dont use the 2.4 ones they are no good)

then you will have a 2.2

i rebuilt mine very cheaply by doing this

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