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Cav Saloon Turbo Project


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Car is looking great, always fancied a mk 1 cav to go nuts with but having a Manta sort of defeats the purpose as they are predominantly the same beast lol.

Iv also got a c20let in mine but using the standard box, no probs yet but interested in omega box conversion.

Whats the requirements for the conversion, parts etc??

Cheers. Scott.

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Small update shells going away nxt weeked to get welding done so if been busy with the engine rebulit and paintednull_zps02a95932.jpg

Saphire blue let enginenull_zps58dc1fcd.jpg



The guy i bought the engine from told me it was a gm head that was on it so i was chuffed when i found this null_zpsf1f1efdb.jpg

Mounts null_zps35b53fa5.jpg

Retropower spacer fittednull_zps0b914a98.jpg

Bought the short shift kit aswell null_zpsce9da405.jpg

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  • 1 month later...

A wee update picked up my wheelsnull_zpsadc4a6e9.jpgnull_zps899bbbea.jpgnull_zpsb9800de4.jpg

Sump fitted null_zps064d74fa.jpgnull_zpsf0ea81ed.jpg picked up new turbo 200sx manifold t28garret turbo null_zps79b9bf35.jpg re-flanged and fitted null_zps49184094.jpgnull_zpsc5cd3eed.jpg just need to polish up the timing belt cover and rocker cover and its good to go

Intercooler also fittednull_zpse7c2e971.jpg

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Oh this is looking good!

Turbo looks way better on that manifold, gives better clearance for the mount to.

I wonder how close it will be to the shock tower when its fitted?

This car is going to be a belter!

I know it looks a 100 times better lots of clearance so can use the 1800mounts

No idea how close its going to sit to the strut tower hopefully get to dry fit the engine and box next weekend before paint just to be sure lol

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