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Does Any Manta Owner Out There Also Own A Opel Gt?


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I know its a strange question on the Manta forum

But here's my question:

Im rebuilding my A series and have a 4 - 1 manifold for it from Opel GT source in the US. It seems that at some point they had these made as well as the one for the GT. I got it from the guy who works there as he had a manta A once and kept it when he sold the car.

And the problem is, that the exhaust fits great misses all the roll bar etc.. but as the steering here in the UK is one the same side the setup is wrong.

So while trying to find an answer i can across a rebuild of a GT steering rack (http://www.opelgt.com/forums/3b-steering-linkage-column-gear-box/24568-steering-rack-rebuild.html) and it looks like its mounted differently and that the steering bar come out straighter and has the universal joint right at the bottom? If you do have a GT would you be able to help with some measurements?

Width of rack, length of steering bar etc..?

as the problem i get with the A series rack is the steering bar come out too far before the joint, the angle is wrong as i would like to move the rack across more to the drivers side to be able to try and clear the exhaust and it looks like the GT has brackets unlike the bolt through manta one.

Sorry for the long description but it been driving me mad trying to work out what i can do with the rack :-)

any other ideas would also be a great help. I dont have pictures of the manifold on yet but can get some next week if that helps with the ideas.

Thanks Andy

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Hey te2800

Thanks for the info, but they way this one is made there is not much option to get it made to fit unless you started to re-make the whole manifold. It come out very tight and then all 4 run down tight together and sweep down and and up over the anti roll bar. Its 2 inch out of the manifold so this is where the space is taken up. I think i will try and do a work around with the steering first but will keep your option in mind.

Thanks Andy

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