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Hello And Happy New Year!

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Hi guys, I am George from Greece and I just signed up the forum!! I am crazy with old Opels, especially with Opel ascona b and that's the reason I own two of them!! The white one I am going to present you is a 2door ascona that I bought from my friend, as two years ago I bought another 2door ascona for restoration but due to economical problems I sold it and bought the one from my friend. In the future I am going to restore the other ascona I have (4-door) but for now let's play with the white lady.

Car's heart is a stock 2.4 cih engine but is fully restored with forged pistons,new valves, work on head and a lighter flywheel. I am thinking of fitting weber's 40 dcoe I have but I am ok for now. :)

So some pics:






Cheers!! :rolleyes:

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Nice car George, it looks like my kind of thing. I've always liked the look of the unarched 400 cars and it should fly with that 2.4 engine in it. welcome to the club. ...Luke.

Hi Luke and thank you for the comment!! yes it looks like yours and I have the same opinion like you about unarched 400 look..i think is more aggresive without the side skirts and the arches..but this is my opinion..the 2.4 engine has a lot of torque so make the ascona fly!! :)

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welcome and very nice looking car you've obviously paid a lot of attention to her. With a 2.4 i bet your having a good time, my opel manta A is 1.9 and compared to my 2.3 victors is a bit slow but have overhauled the engine so hopefully when the weather improves i'll see what she can really do.

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